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Frequently Asked Questions - Virtual Assistants

Why should I join the Virtuellie agency?

Whether you are employed and just starting out in your VA journey, or employed and an established VA or 100% living the VA life, Virtuellie is here to assist other VAs with job leads, client onboarding/offboarding and the whole paperwork process.

Maybe you are trying to find your first client, some additional work or you just don’t like searching for leads, client onboarding and paperwork. We take out the leg work for you because we do all the hard yards to secure clients and match them with your skillset.

Maybe you have a J.O.B. and are wanting to transition into the VA industry and perhaps just don’t have that time to find that final client that lets you make the jump. Or you might already be fully immersed in the VA world, running your own show.

You might be any of the above and simply miss being a part of a family of other workers in a physical office. Albeit we are online, we do have a community, a family of other VAs online during the day/night that will have conversations with you, support you and just generally feel like you are working in a physical office.


What do I need to provide Virtuellie to join the agency?

Your Australian Business Number (ABN) to demonstrate your business registration.

Copies of your Certificates of Currency for your relevant insurances – Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Cyber.


What does my membership include?

  • Welcome pack

  • Access to job leads

  • Access to business connections

  • Client onboarding and offboarding done for you

  • Client billing is done for you

  • Community of likeminded VAs to share conversations and bounce ideas off

And so much more, depending on the membership package you choose.


Do you accept offshore VAs in the agency?

Virtuellie is proud to support the Australian Virtual Assistant industry. An Australian VA works in the country where the client is located and therefore within the same legal system, the same currency and only a smaller range of time zones.

Do all applications / EOIs get accepted into the agency?

No, not all applications and expressions of interest are accepted.

While we are continuously looking to grow our menu of service deliverables, sometimes we are looking for VAs who offer very specific services and sometimes it is an all-rounder VA we need to match with a client.


What services do you accept at Virtuellie?

Our services encompass Administration, Marketing, Business Development, Human Resources, Event Management and more.

At Virtuellie, our VAs services are constantly developing due to the clientele and VAs we have. Please refer to the Services tab on the website for our full listing of services offered.

Does the agency allow me to have my own clients?


The Virtuellie agency is supports your goals and desires in your own business, so we are flexible with you in terms of what you want your workload to look like, whether it be 3 hours or 20 hours a week.

When will I get my first client?

Virtuellie prides itself on ensuring each VA and client is perfectly matched.

We cannot guarantee when we might find your first client, however we work hard to keep networking, keep our eyes and ears to the ground to ensure that we are on top of any and all available opportunities.

As part of your membership, you have regular catch ups with Ellie, which is also an opportunity to provide any updates on any upskilling or changes to your service offerings, so we are ready when the right lead come through our doors.


How do I get paid?

You will submit your invoice to Virtuellie fortnightly and your invoice will be paid within your terms into your nominated bank account.

What if I don't click with the client/s I am assigned?

Virtuellie is committed to delivering high quality collaboration by aligning the personality, skillset, and availability of one of our Virtual Assistants with the client.

We understand that sometimes it might not work out and we ask that you reach out as soon as possible, so we can meet to discuss in more detail, options and next steps.

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