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Client Testimonials


Vanessa M
Founder & OBM
Taking Care of Business

Ellie is a pleasure to work with. She has. really found her place on the team and has taken ownership of her tasks.


Thank you Ellie for the peace of mind you give me and the team.

Instant Steel logo.png

Mark Trevascus
Instant Steel Solutions

“In the modern world, time is our most valuable commodity.

Virtuellie has provided EA services which have been instrumental in enabling me to gain time back, allowing me to focus my energy where it’s best spent, working on the business. Virtuellie services have allowed me to become more efficient along with taking the administrative stress out of my working week.

Virtuellie has provided professional and reliable EA support which were all integrated seamlessly and virtually. Working with Ellie gives me great comfort and confidence in the busiest of times, knowing I have Ellie to support me has been invaluable.

I highly recommend Ellie from Virtuellie for those looking for virtual support. 

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Paula Creek
Functioning Together
Event Planning

Ellie is an outstanding Virtual Assistant! I own an event planning business and I utilise Virtuellie’s services to assist with my workload.

I have total confidence in Ellie because we share the same values and she operates the same way I do.


Ellie is extremely thorough, has a high attention to detail, is very structured in her approach, and always clarifies her understanding of the task at hand. I trust her with any tasks that need doing and Ellie is very personable and a real pleasure to work alongside.

I highly recommend Virtuellie for any virtual assistant needs.

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Dan Phelan
Feelin' Creative

Ellie and her team provided a fantastic service, assisting and delivering a client presentation with little lead time and only a top line brief, working across a weekend while providing valuable status updates.


Thanks to Ellie and the team, it was a great success.

VA Testimonials


When I first began with Virtuellie I knew I was in the right place.  Virtuellie is a professional, informative and supportive business. Working with Virtuellie I have grown more professionally and personally.  Virtuellie’s team is amazing and very resourceful, it feels like a second family.  Ellie’s leadership, understanding, and encouragement of her team show through the time, effort, and work she puts into her business and supports ours.

Thank you Ellie for all you do!


I have been a part of Virtuellie since May 2021, Ellie is a fantastic support and always guided me on the client and the tasks.

Virtuellie has fantastic internal processes set up to easily get all jobs complete.

I highly recommend joining the agency as it enables you skills to work alongside a great mentor in Ellie


It is an honour to be part of the Virtuellie team. Ellie has created a wonderful environment for both VA and client. Her attention to detail, communication and mentorship create's the perfect subcontracting situation. She has the utmost respect for both her VAs and her clients, which allows for a harmonious working relationship. 


​Ellie is a fantastic Online Business Manager and Mentor. She is committed to investing time in her team and relationships which in turn provides excellent outcomes for her clients. It is a pleasure being part of Ellie's team and I cannot recommend her highly enough.


As a new VA in the industry, joining Virtuellie, has been a game-changer for me … It has taken off the pressure of trying to do everything at once when starting my business … Ellie, the owner of Virtuellie, understands the struggles faced by new VAs, and her agency is designed to empower and support them … With her guidance and the opportunities provided by Virtuellie, I have been able to establish myself as a VA with confidence.


Ellie is a friendly, knowledgable, and professional VA, and I enjoy working with her as her business grows. She clearly discusses the client's requirements before allocating tasks and promptly replies to emails and queries. 

Ellie is respectful of my flexible working hours and is upfront and clear about her client's needs, expectations and deadlines. Always a pleasure to work with Virtuellie!

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